Behind the brickwork

Although the black and white houses are the most obvious historic timber frame buildings in the village they are not the only ones. Many visitors to Pembridge (and a few locals) don’t appreciate what is behind the brickwork on some of the houses. Despite the appearance of being relatively new buildings the brickwork actually hides some very old timber framed houses. So next time you are walking around the village take a look at some of the following houses – there is more behind the brick facade than you might imagine!

Fig Tree and Grosment
Fig Tree House / Grosmont House, dates from AD1424 Winter and is the oldest domestic property dated during the dendrochronology projects of 2002/2005. Sited at the east end of the village.
Swan House / School House, dates from AD1445-1481. In terms of quality, decoration and scale this is a very high status building. Sited opposite the school.
The Gatehouse, dates from AD1444 Spring. Part of the range of buildings on the corner of East Street and Bridge Street and the third oldest domestic building dated.
West End Farm, dates from AD1424 Spring, making it the second oldest (by a season) and showing how the village would have looked before the Victorians painted the buildings black and white or they were clad with bricks.